Fall Ewe FB 21102
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Our favorite fall ewe for the 2011 fairs ... FB 21102 tw RR sired by Fuller 07-08...she stood 1st at SD State Fair and 2nd at NEB state fair. She also raised an exceptional February ewe lamb. Our show ewes make very productive brood ewes.

Feb ram 21028 RR
Res. Champion ram 2010 Neb. State Fair

Feb ewe 21-39 RR
Res. Champion ewe at 2010 Clay Co. Fair
Spencer, Iowa
Both of the above lambs were part of our winning mixed pair of lambs at fairs, and the top pen of 4 lambs at SD State Fair.

Josh Lessigne, Louisiana and his Res. Champion Hampshire ewe lamb FB 21021 RR.

Jan. ram 29001 RR
Champion Ram at Clay County Fair, Spencer Iowa.

Fall ram 28105 RR
was a favorite all show season and 1st place fall at Clay County Fair

We call her Miss Nebraska, Champion ewe at Neb. State Fair and placed near the top all summer. She looks so good slick sheared...nothing to hide...a total package.

2008 Clay County Fair Reserve Champion
On Fall Ram 27101 RR

2008 Clay County Fair - 1st Place Fall Ewe 27103 RR
Note: 27101 & 27103 are two of a set of quads.

2008 North Carolina Mountain State Fair
2nd Place Ewe Shown by Hannah Rodatz

2008 Stokes County Fair in North Carolina
Champion Ewe Shown by Hannah Rodatz

2007 Nebraska State Fair - Reserve Champion Ram
Sold him at the fair!

Donated Ewe Lamb to 4-H Benefit Auction
Sold to Jeff Ebersdorfer of Fedora

1st place Fall Hampshire ram 25-05 RR
Western Frontier Sale

Res. Champion Hampshire ewe (fall) FB 25108
Western Frontier Sale

Champion Hampshire Ewe, Fuller 25001
Set sale record at 2007 Watertown Winter Farm Show

Grand Champion and High Selling Hampshire ewe at the 2006 Watertown Winter Farm show.
She was purchased by Moore Family Hampshires of White Lake, SD.

FB 23165 "Quarterback"
"Quarterback" won seven fairs in 2004 and he continued to be champion at several fairs in 2005.
He is sired by Randy Ratio.

2005 Fall ram FB 24162 "First Pick"
He won his class at the ND, SD and Neb. State Fairs plus Sioux Empire, Brown County and Clay County in Spencer,Iowa. He is a "RRePoe" son and half brother to First place Fall ram and HighSelling Ram at 2005 Corn Belt Sale.

4360 "Baby"
2005 yearling ewe that won several championships for us this year.

"Miss Feb. Freaky"
Meet Miss Feb. Freaky. She was many judges favorite as she is tall with an extended slim front. Alan Kjeldgaard judge at Clay County, Spencer,Iowa said "You sure could not leave her home. I really want to see her next year as a yearling ewe."

FB 23043 - "Linebacker"
"Linebacker" in 2004 as a yearling was Champion ram at Missouri State Fair and Clay County Fair in Iowa. Reserve Champion at Nebraska State Fair, Brown County Fair and Sioux Empire Fair.

FH 10-04
FH 10-04 showed in Slick Sheared class at the 2004 Minnesota State Fair and stood first in class of 11. He is sired by Randy Ratio.

FB 24005
FB 24005 a January ewe lamb topped her slick sheared ewe class at the 2004 Minnesota State Fair. We had a clean sweep of all the slick sheared lamb classes in Minnesota. We cannot wait to see her as a yearling ewe.

FB 23001 called "Third and One" (a good thing in football) was our lead home raised January ram lamb at all six 2003 fairs we showed at. He was 35 inches tall at North Dakota State Fair in July. He stood in top 3 at every fair we were at. We are going to grow him out and see how big he will get.

2002-1st Yearling & Reserve Champion Ewe, Clay County Fair
2001-2nd and 1st Mixed Pair, Nebraska State Fair

"FB 20020"
2001 Champion Ewe, Brown County Fair

Fuller "11-95"
1996 Champion Ram, South Dakota State Fair